LYA provides a full suite of expert auction services for all types of clients and brings extensive experience in high stakes auctions.

LYA offers fully developed and secure Auction Platforms across major auction formats and rules including multi-round ascending or descending auctions, two-sided auctions, combinatorial clock auctions, sealed bid auctions and other types of clock auctions. LYA has experience in every type of auction. LYA also designs novel auction formats optimized for specific needs.

For Regulators and Auctioneers, LYA’s Auction Platforms can be hosted by the client to conduct their own auctions using LYA’s software, or LYA can conduct auctions on behalf of third parties, taking care of the entire auction process from design all the way through to final results and auction validation. Auction design and support in public consultations as well as training and simulations are key to LYA’s auction services for Regulators and Auctioneers.  Simulations using LYA’s AI bidders enable auctioneers and regulators to gain valuable insight into a full range of auction outcomes and thus make the appropriate decisions regarding auction design. All of LYA’s software has extensive process tracking and is full third-party audit ready for post-auction validation.

For auction participants, LYA offers a variety of services including:

  • Expert services for participation in public consultations,
  • Training to understand auction format and rules using LYA mock auction platforms,
  • Valuation of items for sale,
  • Development of auction strategy and bidding tactics,
  • Auction simulations leveraging LYA’s Auction Platforms and AI bidders to assess the full auction outcomes, and
  • Post-auction review.

LYA has delivered many Auction Platforms which have augmented metrics and AI bidders to assist in auction preparation and has also successfully assisted in bid rooms during the auction and has a proven track record.

Auctioneer Services

  • Auction Design of Auction Rules and Parameters
  • Delivery of an Auction Platform
  • Outcome Simulations using AI Bidders
  • Auction Validation and post mortem

Auction Participant Services

  • Auction Preparation Planning
  • Assessment of the Industry and Competitive Environment
  • Bidding Workshops and Mock Auctions
  • Delivery of an Auction Training Platform
  • Extensive Outcome Simulation with AI Bidders
  • Custom Tailored Auction Management Tools
  • Bid Room Management and Analyses Supporting Executive Decision Making